Cleaning blind spots

Cleaning Blind Spots

Here is a list of cleaning blind spots. Are yours cleaner than the rest of Australia?

We have a habit of cleaning the visible places in our house but it doesn’t mean that the areas are fully clean. The biggest nightmare in cleaning are pests & bacteria. It’s not a pretty thing to meet a friendly cockroach in your kitchen. An it isn’t pleasant getting sick due to dust or germs.

It’s important you understand that FOOD is the key factor for a pest invasion.

That’s why reducing the eating areas to only one room makes it easier to eradicate pests. We also need to take into consideration the accumulation of dust and mould (they are real threats to your health).

So, it’s important to clean and dry upholstery straight away, perform high dusting (up to 2m high) to check hidden surfaces at least once quarterly and fix any leaking taps or water damage ASAP.

Attention to detail

Detail is also a big part in keeping a healthy environment at home. Don’t be afraid of using a brush, the infamous magic eraser and a reliable sponge to clean surfaces and corners.

The corners are the most annoying spot in any room, especially because they are hard to reach by a broom that just moves the dust to the corners. And a mop just adds water that will never dry.

The best way to avoid the accumulation of mould in the corners is by using a wet rag wrapped around your finger to fully reach the edges on a daily basis. After some time the spot will need a deep cleaning so it’s important to set a day over the week and use a recycled toothbrush with baking soda and water to get rid of the long-term germs.

Forgotten spots

Here is a list of forgotten spots in the house – attending to these will make a huge improvement to the health of your home and family:

  • Corners
  • Mosquito nets
  • Toilet bowl and surroundings
  • Sink & taps corners
  • Air conditioner filter
  • Air vents
  • Blinds & curtains
  • Under and behind appliances

Attending to these blind spots regularly and your cleaning days won’t be as difficult. And the result will be a happy house and a healthy environment.