Cleaning Services

Our cleaning services go over and above the recognised standard operating procedures. We use best-practice cleaning methods in addition to the highest quality commercial cleaning products and equipment.

As a result – we are able to guarantee 100% satisfaction.

It doesn’t matter whether your premises are big or small.

If you are not sure whether your needs fit into these services above please call and we can discuss how we can deliver our exceptional service within your needs.

BeClean Commercial floor cleaning
BeClean Commercial office cleaning

How We Quote

Commercial cleaning site inspection

STEP 1: Site inspection
Hearing and seeing what you need is the first step. We will listen to your current issues & requirements.

Commercial cleaning scope of works

STEP 2: Scope of works
Time of each task, method, frequency and price. Our staff will be on site to draft a scope of every job imaginable so you can make an informed decision on your cleaning needs.

Commercial cleaning tasks and timing

STEP 3: Confirm all tasks & timings
We’re happy to go over every task with your staff and discuss how long each task will take. We take the time to explain the ‘how and why’ for each task.

cleaning services review prices

STEP 4: Review prices
Once you are happy with the agreed exact time for each task, we will provide a price for each task. A total can be displayed from per task – p/wk, p/m and p/a. You can simply pick and choose tasks to fit into any budget. We will also provide various package prices for consideration.

Commercial cleaning proposal

STEP 5: Approve & accept proposal
This is a day to celebrate leaving old problems behind and looking forward to knowing your premises will be clean, hygienic and safe for you and your staff.

Commercial cleaning

STEP 6: Begin probationary cleaning
During the first two months of cleaning we communicate with you regularly to ensure you are happy with your cleaning scope and to identify any tasks you want to add or vary. We then enter into a final agreement once you are happy all your cleaning needs are being met.