Practical cleaning solutions

Practical cleaning solutions

Finding easy, practical cleaning solutions is one of the biggest struggle when dealing with daily duties at home. Has it become “normal” for you to lose important belongings in a messy place? Do you feel annoyed when seeing your house untidy? We totally relate to this feeling!

Practical tips

We believe a tidy house translates to happiness. So, we came up with some tips to help.

You are probably asking “Where are the practical cleaning tips?”

Well, the secret to improving cleaning chores is: ORGANISATION. Because if you have functional places to keep stuff at your house, then knowing where it belongs (and putting it back in it’s place) will mean you won’t spend wasted time looking for it. And it won’t get lost.

So, let’s get this party started!

New home

The part that we love the most in this little project is it’s very personal. The first thing to do is to deal with your house as if it was new.

Wait! You don’t need to move everything around, but remember when you first organised it? It probably took more than one day as you moved things around to build your own functional system. So, it will be just like this again.

We strongly recommend thinking about your habits, your house and your routine. This is also an amazing exercise to learn about yourself.

Start by doing a clean-up of things you don’t use anymore. What can you donate or throw away? It helps to use a “throw out” box as you move around the house and place unwanted objects in it.

The next step is to identify the most important objects that are regularly used in each area. Place theses items where they will be easy for you to find – that’s why the observation of your routine is needed.

It’s important to remember to keep the spots reserved for each object – you can even tag the places with labels and prints to make them look nice. Add some boxes for small things and add a bowl and/or hanger for your keys and wallet, etc.

Cleaning solutions

Now the functional structure of your home is set up, now it’s time to clean.

Always keep the three steps in mind:

  • Collect the mess and garbage
  • Find a place for each object
  • Start from the top and clean down to the bottom

Combine these steps and your cleaning will follow a quick and dynamic flow as you will always know where your things and you will never lose anything again!

However, if there are still cleaning jobs you hate – then we’re here to help!